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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Photo Dump Picture Post

Now I know why Annie always does these posts. She has a card full of pictures that could be about 10 posts but no time to write them. Most of them happened to long ago anyway.
 This post was going to be called "Back in Time" because Ann made the recipe for Mom and Papa's wedding cake for us to taste.
These aren't butter cups are they? They were shorter and in a swamp.
This was a bake sale that my mom and sister (and some of the rest of the family) put on for me. All the earnings go to my schooling.
The leaves are out! Happiness
La and apple tree blossoms
Very high creek at the bottom of the cow pasture after spring storms
May Apple
Ann's nails. I always tell her she has such pretty nails even not painted. Mine are short and stubby.
Evening light after milking
Do you see what I see?
found in the pasture on the way to fix fence
The fence is finally fixed! It was so fun to let the cows out. I didn't know a cow could look happy!
They stood just outside the gate and ate like they were starved. Our milk went up to 2 gal per milking!
I have been at one of my 3 jobs every day since May 14 and will not have another day empty till June 14 and those are each just one day so when this past weekend was suddenly free, I dragged most of the family down to NJ to see Grandma. One day going, one day there, and one day back.
mom and her mom
The past several times we were there I have tried to watch the sunrise over the ocean but there have always been too many clouds. This time I saw it. Just as good as I thought.

Micah went with me and took pictures. This is afterwords back at the house. He took the pics of me and Mom and Grandma, the rest are from my phone.