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Friday, November 22, 2013

Thursday, November 21, 2013

My favorite way to skim milk

When you look up how to skim milk on the internet you'll find tons of different ways and tips. Those must work for somebody but this is what I have found.
If you skim all the cream and then try to whip it, it won't work. Trust me. We whipped and whipped and whipped and finally got butter. Just sort of skipped the whipped cream stage. Now we know the only cream that whips well is the thickest cream right on top. Now that I think about it you can get different kinds of cream at the store too; heavy whipping cream or light cream.
 If you drag a spoon in it it should wrinkle.
 bad picture but maybe you can see the creases. Some of the cream just below this will also whip even without the crease. Experiment a little and you'll figure it out.
The heavier cream does well with a ladle. It helps you be precise but after the whipping cream, I find it easier and faster to use a baster.
Skim milk.
and somehow the bacon bits got in the picture too:)
The reason that picture at the beginning has 15p written on the jar is that we milked that milk on the 15th in the evening. We found that dry erase markers work well on glass without sticking permanently.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Pictures (by Micah)

Hello. My name is Micah. (I am Amy's brother.) I had a few pictures from a weak or two ago that I wanted to show a friend so I put 'm on here. The first picture was taken today with my trail camera. All of the others I took with a camera that our friend gave me. My favorite is the last one. So here they are. (drum role please.) ;)
I took this picture with my trail camera. It's a buck.

 This picture and I match. We are both cool.

 I like the snow in this one.
This one Too.

 This one is awesome. (Just like me) Ok, Ok. not funny.

This is the best one. don't ya think.
Once, a long time ago, there was a family who lived by the river. One day the Ma and the three boys where sitting at the table when Pa came in, mad as a wet hen. He yelled "who pushed the out house into the river?" Nobody said anything. So the Pa calmed down and said "well, when George Washington was little he chopped down a cherry tree and when his Pa asked him if he had done it George Washington said he had. So his Pa didn't spank him. Now, who pushed the out house into the river?" One of the boys stepped up and said "I did it." Well, Pa put him over his knee and spanked him. The little boy asked him "If George Washington didn't get spanked when he told the truth why did you spank me?" Pa answered him by saying "His Pa wasn't sittin' in the tree."

Sunday, November 17, 2013

OK I just took about 2 hours to put those leaves on the banner so I may or may not be back on here again.

My Favorite Time of Day

Today I am going to try to write several posts plus work on the "about me" page. Just letting you know so I will feel held to it and perhaps have a better chance of getting it done. :)

My favorite time of day is morning. I love the sunrise, the light, the birds, and the air. I love the feeling that I could get anything done today.
The last while milking time happened to fall just after sunrise and almost every morning I find myself wishing I had brought a camera.

 Yesterday there was such pretty fog. It made lovely sunbursts but again I didn't have a camera.

 These pictures are all from this morning on our walk to the barn.

Snyder's Knob is this hill in front of our house. It always gets beautiful light at sunrise and sunset but somehow in pictures it always hunches down and doesn't look like the tall mountain it seems.
 Can you see the chimney?

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Of Cinnamon Rolls and Woodstoves

So a couple weeks ago our family went to the community center to help pack shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child. It was the first time we had heard about it and we really liked it. Basically you pack a shoebox with toys, soap, toothpaste and brush, paper, pencils, crayons, candy, and anything else a child might like or need. Then you can add a note to your box and pray for the child it will go to. The Samaritan's Purse Organization sends your box to some place where children don't normally get Christmas presents.

What does this have to do with cinnamon rolls and woodstoves? Well actually it doesn't have to do with woodstoves but I'll tell you about the cinnamon rolls. We decided to pack our own shoeboxes at home. Of course it takes some money to fill and ship 9 shoeboxes so we are selling cinnamon rolls to pay for it. We made around 20 plates of rolls on Saturday and 15 so far today.

caught liking finger!
Don't worry though, since we are selling them we are being extra careful to keep everything clean. I can assure you that Laura washed her hands before touching anything else.
Now for the woodstoves:
In the summer the woodstoves are ignored. Completely abandoned. In fact, stuff gets piled on and around them so that you hardly know they're there. But in the winter it's all different. The fireplace is the middle of the house. Everyone gathers around so that some times you can be five feet from it and still be cold! You can't walk past the stove. It's true. It's impossible. There is like a magnetic force pulling you towards it. Then once you are there you are stuck, sometimes for hours!
Edit: This post was supposed to be done yesterday but I really wanted pictures of the woodstove and couldn't find any. I may still add some if they pop up.

Katie's post

Katie and I

Friday, November 1, 2013

My favorite way to put up my hair

I must admit my hair was something I fought with for a long time. It seamed to take me forever just to learn to take care of it let alone put it up.
 I did eventually figure out how to wash and brush my hair but still I needed Mom to twist it into a bun when I felt too old to need that. I was in despair, envisioning myself having to live with it down the rest of my life and anyone with long hair knows that is impossible.
There are so many things you just must keep your hair out of or away from. Then one day I was looking for long hair up-dos on you tube and I found this lovely lady's bun.
I got a pencil and tried it. It worked! Of course I had to practice some to get it to stay more than an hour but I now have a bun that works in my hair and is fast to put up wherever I want with just one stick.
My sister tells me I always make this face when putting up my hair. :)