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Sunday, November 17, 2013

My Favorite Time of Day

Today I am going to try to write several posts plus work on the "about me" page. Just letting you know so I will feel held to it and perhaps have a better chance of getting it done. :)

My favorite time of day is morning. I love the sunrise, the light, the birds, and the air. I love the feeling that I could get anything done today.
The last while milking time happened to fall just after sunrise and almost every morning I find myself wishing I had brought a camera.

 Yesterday there was such pretty fog. It made lovely sunbursts but again I didn't have a camera.

 These pictures are all from this morning on our walk to the barn.

Snyder's Knob is this hill in front of our house. It always gets beautiful light at sunrise and sunset but somehow in pictures it always hunches down and doesn't look like the tall mountain it seems.
 Can you see the chimney?

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