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Friday, November 1, 2013

My favorite way to put up my hair

I must admit my hair was something I fought with for a long time. It seamed to take me forever just to learn to take care of it let alone put it up.
 I did eventually figure out how to wash and brush my hair but still I needed Mom to twist it into a bun when I felt too old to need that. I was in despair, envisioning myself having to live with it down the rest of my life and anyone with long hair knows that is impossible.
There are so many things you just must keep your hair out of or away from. Then one day I was looking for long hair up-dos on you tube and I found this lovely lady's bun.
I got a pencil and tried it. It worked! Of course I had to practice some to get it to stay more than an hour but I now have a bun that works in my hair and is fast to put up wherever I want with just one stick.
My sister tells me I always make this face when putting up my hair. :)

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