Survey for School!

Friday, November 28, 2014

My Favorite Job

This week was one of the busiest weeks of the year at the bakery. Wednesday we made 120 dozen dinner rolls besides pumpkin pies, fruit pies, cream pies, cookies, cakes, cheese balls and loves of bread. 

Pumpkin rolls went hard and fast too but some of the other girls were able to make boxes and boxes of those earlier in the week. Most of the orders were before noon so even though I got home about 2:30 p.m., there were three girls there by five thirty a.m. and the two other girls and I were there by six a.m. It was loads of fun. It's like having a baking day with your best friends who pray before each meal and love the same God you do. I just keep realizing how blessed I am to have such a job. I know I've only had three jobs so far but I think this one will be hard to top.

I was at Aunt Margie's yesterday morning so everyone at home made the family thanksgiving dinner without me and I came home to a beautiful table set with lots of good food. Leftovers from this time of year are almost better than the big meal. We'll have sandwiches and sweet potatoes and cranberries the next few days. On Saturday Granddad and Granny will have the extended family feast but since this house is done with Thanksgiving, we are on to the next holiday.
Smooth Jazz Christmas music is playing. Mommy's Christmas Cactus is blooming. About half of my presents are bought or made. Plans are to put up the tree this afternoon. Debates are taking place about where it should be. And I only have one month left to get my act together for my trip around the world!

Friday, November 14, 2014

My new FAVORITE place

This morning I took the College Comp. CLEP test at GC. I am glad it is over but I won't get the results for a while because it is graded by actual people. Anyway, I finished about 11:00. I had Ann and La along since Ann had a test at 1:00 and La could study in the school library. We went to BK for lunch and then had an hour to waste. So we went to this little cafe in Deep creek. Each of us had been there once or twice before but just for a few min. so Papa could get coffee or something. This time Annie treated us to hot chocolate and we all went to the back where there was a nice little lounge with a fireplace.

 I got pumpkin hot chocolate which is better than pumpkin coffee and also better than the other girls' 'smores hot chocolate even though it sounded better.

 Bad camera but isn't this a cute clock?

 Ann is trying not to worry about her test which, of course, she passed.
I am already planning my all day study visit. I will go on a Friday or Monday...or maybe tomorrow...after my busy work week. I will wash my hair the night before and braid it wet and sleep in it because I like those waves and I am afraid of a curling iron.
For most women, they would not have enough time to take care of our hairstyle every day. So we need some simple and easy but still look fabulous hairstyle ideas sometimes. If you always don’t know how to deal with your hair before going out, this post will help you a lot with 18 cute[Read the Rest]
I'll wear it like this and dress up nice. I'll go in the morning and bring school books and some money for lunch-yes they serve sandwiches-and plan on spending the day. I will sit in the back by the fire and use their nice wi-fi if I need it. I may even buy a nice mug and sip a hot drink all day. It will be Christmas only better! 

Baby Bunnies

La has some rabbits that recently had babies. They are really cute now that they have hair.

I just came back from dropping Ann off to babysit cousins at the grandparents and I have to say this. One of my favorite things about Grandad is that when I meet him on our driveway or his no matter how far it is he will always back up for me. :)

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

In which I nearly choke and Katie turns 10

Cinnamon hardtack! :)  
 I made all of this in one day. 20 batches. Merry Christmas! Think of me whenever you get hardtack from the bakery.
For Katie's party she had a Silly-Sally restaurant. Joshua down to Zach were waiters and waitresses. 
They named their Silly-Sally restaurant Colored Leaves. In this kind of restaurant you have no 
idea what you are ordering because the menu says things like lava instead of salsa and 
healthy gasoline for tea.
 Papa took La and Ann out and bought them scarves. I am promised a scarf too when I am off work the same time Papa is. We like to dress up for "restaurants."
 This was the first time mom did not have to be in the kitchen for a restaurant.

 Peaking into the kitchen.

 I loved Kate's dishes.

 Ann is faithful with her camera.
 The theme was butterflys.

 Happy Birthday Miss Kate!
Ya'll know I can't resist the morning sunrise. Had to throw it in.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Ok folks! here's the plan...

For those of you who do not know my long term plan you can read this, this and this post.

I found a birthing clinic in Texas just across the boarder from Mexico that has a short term program for people like me. It is one of the schools that I looked at before I applied to Newlife. I will be there 4 weeks Jan-Feb, probably staying with one of the students.

After that, I am on to the Philippines. Papa talked with a man at the Shindig who is doing a lot of evangelism work in the Philippines. I will be staying with his wife's niece and helping with their children and mission work for about 4-6 weeks. I also hope to visit Newlife for a week or two while I am there and apply to the school again for Aug. 2015.

I should be home in April. I'll try to work a few months as these trips do take a chunk out of my savings for school and then off again for 2 1/2 years in Aug. I hope to do some sort of fundraiser here in Nov.-Dec. I'll keep you posted.