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Thursday, September 18, 2014

To try to bring you up to date

In other words a selection of Ann's pictures from the last month.

That's how my post was going to start. Unfortunately, our computer gave out just after I wrote that much. I can still post on the chromebook but no pics. Sorry. I do have a how-to post scheduled for tomorrow with some pictures.

Recently we went to the last No Greater Joy Shindig wich was lots of fun. You can read Annie's post about it here. We got to stay in a hotel on the way down, met new people while we were there, played lots of games, danced and were encouraged in our walk with the lord. One of the themes was missions.

Speaking of... guess what! I heard back from the midwifery school this morning. They said I was a likely candidate for the school but they were concerned with how little exposure I have had to foreign missions and midwifery. They suggested I get some more experience and re-apply for the August 2015 semester. So now I am looking around and trying to decide what would be a good place to "get my feet wet" so I won't be as overwhelmed when I get there.

Whoo Hoo! So exciting!

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