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Thursday, January 22, 2015

My Trip to Texas

 My first plane trip and I have to say, I love it! customs and all! I'm glad to have had this experience before I go overseas. I wasn't sure whether I could navigate airports but now I know I can. I still hope that none of my flights get delayed when I have one scheduled right after.

 De-icing the plane.

Above the clouds!
I was moved all over the place staying with anyone who had room. My first was a casita that the director kept as a guest house.

All ready for my first day at the clinic.
I took a walk down to Walmart the first chance I got to get food and a few other travel things.
Passed a bakery on the way and got a 'pan dulce.'

Got bolios which I had heard about from Papa and Mom's travels.

This is another place I stayed...
...and the view out the window. Those mountains are Mexican and some of the city there is Juarez.
Ciudad Juarez at night.
The library at the school.
The classroom where I got to sit in on a few classes.
Maternidad La Luz
The couch where I slept on my 24 hr shifts at the clinic.
The 'sala' (waiting room)

One of the birth rooms, also used for 'citas' (appointments) sometimes.

The kitchen
The "midwives' table". The students do much of the work and then the midwives check the bellys or anything the student has not learned sufficiently. Of course, they make most of the decisions and are always there at births. There is also a lot of paper work that happens at this table.
Another birth room
All of the students and staff speak some degree of both Spanish and English. Most clients are from Juarez and only speak Spanish.
I walked to a church the second Sunday and it was so good to see some other Christians again. These are some buildings I liked on the way.
Sunset over the Chihuahuan desert mountains in Mexico.
NNR class

Mom found it right near the school on Google street view and told me about it. I took a little walk and voila!
The map of El Paso at the airport
A Texas display at the airport
World Traveler! headed home!
I got to see 5 births and lots of pn & pp appointments. The students and midwives were very friendly and tried to show me really what the clinic and school were like. Over all, a great trip!
I think my Spanish skills were starting to come back by the time I left, though I'd need more time before I would be able to understand what people say like I used to.
good bye to the Chihuahuan desert

second plane from Dallas took off at sunset

I see snow! Flying in to Pittsburgh 
My own bed with, no street light just outside, layers of fluffy blankets, and sisters in the same room! It's nice to be back home.