Survey for School!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

A long jumbled snap-shot post with a bad phone camera

You won't hurt my feelings if you skip this post.
 This is what I saw when I drove in from work one day. It brings back memories.

 This spring when we first let the cows out. It is hard to believe summer is half way over.

 Not long after we put in the second bathroom, the first one acted up. I thought the sign was cute.

 My girly-tom-boy sister
 I may have posted this but isn't it lovely?

 I think I take the most pictures at the barn.

All the kids at Bible School. No, I'm not in there I was a teacher's helper. We had the sweet little ones in front.
 Waiting for La to finish milking

 Brothers are so much fun!..
...aren't they Kate?
 Joshua is doing a great job working at the barn. He may have his own cow some day.

 Joshua's new kitty, kit-cat.
 The barnyard seconds after a big storm.
 on the way up after the storm

 We take turns carrying the milk on the way back to the house. Someone must have decided it was the slow people's turn.
 Amanda and Zach turned into clowns one day thanks to Laura.
 milk cow Mocha
 Summer has a scarf!
I am convinced Laura is truly in another world when she is reading. If there is a book over her nose you have to yell or push it away to get her attention. She does make a cute picture though.
the view from the manger while waiting for the milking to be finished (I should have been shoveling)

Midwife in the Philippines

This is what I am excited about. I got my application sent in and then found out the deadline wasn't until December first so I probably won't hear from them until then. Oh well. I just have to "learn to labor and to wait." :)