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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

In which I nearly choke and Katie turns 10

Cinnamon hardtack! :)  
 I made all of this in one day. 20 batches. Merry Christmas! Think of me whenever you get hardtack from the bakery.
For Katie's party she had a Silly-Sally restaurant. Joshua down to Zach were waiters and waitresses. 
They named their Silly-Sally restaurant Colored Leaves. In this kind of restaurant you have no 
idea what you are ordering because the menu says things like lava instead of salsa and 
healthy gasoline for tea.
 Papa took La and Ann out and bought them scarves. I am promised a scarf too when I am off work the same time Papa is. We like to dress up for "restaurants."
 This was the first time mom did not have to be in the kitchen for a restaurant.

 Peaking into the kitchen.

 I loved Kate's dishes.

 Ann is faithful with her camera.
 The theme was butterflys.

 Happy Birthday Miss Kate!
Ya'll know I can't resist the morning sunrise. Had to throw it in.

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