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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Pictures (by Micah)

Hello. My name is Micah. (I am Amy's brother.) I had a few pictures from a weak or two ago that I wanted to show a friend so I put 'm on here. The first picture was taken today with my trail camera. All of the others I took with a camera that our friend gave me. My favorite is the last one. So here they are. (drum role please.) ;)
I took this picture with my trail camera. It's a buck.

 This picture and I match. We are both cool.

 I like the snow in this one.
This one Too.

 This one is awesome. (Just like me) Ok, Ok. not funny.

This is the best one. don't ya think.
Once, a long time ago, there was a family who lived by the river. One day the Ma and the three boys where sitting at the table when Pa came in, mad as a wet hen. He yelled "who pushed the out house into the river?" Nobody said anything. So the Pa calmed down and said "well, when George Washington was little he chopped down a cherry tree and when his Pa asked him if he had done it George Washington said he had. So his Pa didn't spank him. Now, who pushed the out house into the river?" One of the boys stepped up and said "I did it." Well, Pa put him over his knee and spanked him. The little boy asked him "If George Washington didn't get spanked when he told the truth why did you spank me?" Pa answered him by saying "His Pa wasn't sittin' in the tree."

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