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Thursday, November 21, 2013

My favorite way to skim milk

When you look up how to skim milk on the internet you'll find tons of different ways and tips. Those must work for somebody but this is what I have found.
If you skim all the cream and then try to whip it, it won't work. Trust me. We whipped and whipped and whipped and finally got butter. Just sort of skipped the whipped cream stage. Now we know the only cream that whips well is the thickest cream right on top. Now that I think about it you can get different kinds of cream at the store too; heavy whipping cream or light cream.
 If you drag a spoon in it it should wrinkle.
 bad picture but maybe you can see the creases. Some of the cream just below this will also whip even without the crease. Experiment a little and you'll figure it out.
The heavier cream does well with a ladle. It helps you be precise but after the whipping cream, I find it easier and faster to use a baster.
Skim milk.
and somehow the bacon bits got in the picture too:)
The reason that picture at the beginning has 15p written on the jar is that we milked that milk on the 15th in the evening. We found that dry erase markers work well on glass without sticking permanently.

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