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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A House Flowing with Milk

One day we could not fit the morning's milking in the fridge so La got all the milk out and I started by skimming it all.

 Then I made farmer's cheese with 2 gal of it which took care of 4 jars.

With some of the cream I tried to make mascarpone but I didn't get it hot enough before I put the acid in so it did not separate too well.
Here is the farmer's cheese also called paneer in India, and queso blanco in Mexico.
 Farmer's Cheese

2 gal whole milk
4 cups water
4 t citric acid

Bring the milk to a boil or at least really hot. Mix water and citric acid.
Stir it into the milk. Drain and run under cold water. Press for several hours.

Notice the nice press that Laura made me.
Sometimes we call farmer's cheese fry cheese because it does not melt, it browns. This is probably the cheese that Heidi toasted. It is best hot off the griddle dipped in pizza sauce.
Next we took a quart of milk to Granddad...
...and made a bunch of chocolate milk.
Then Granddad requested some homemade cottage cheese for the Easter get together at his house the next day. We use the same recipe for this as for fry cheese but we do not press it. Instead we crumble with a fork and add cream. The only problem was that the citric acid was gone.
There was a lot of experimenting which used up some milk but eventually we got cottage cheese using tartaric acid.

So this is what our refrigerator looked like just before milking time that evening.
This is how full our sink was, even while constantly washing.

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