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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Engagement Rings

Wow that caught your eye didn't it? :) No I am not engaged nor do I have a boyfriend. But just like every other girl I like to dream and who knows? Maybe my future husband will someday read my blog!

Papa says that it is silly how guys are expected to spend so much money on rings when they are trying to get a house set up. I agree but I have also looked forward to a ring as something I can wear proudly to let people know 'I am engaged' or as a symbol of my covenant. Today I found a lady who makes jewelry that I like and is cheap. Connie Pardini at Wirestorm Creations Most of the jewelry she has online right now I DO NOT like but many of the things she had at the farmer's market in Oakland were original and lovely. I'd be ok with a conventional engagement ring but it would be fun to have something different. Here is one of her rings that I bought today as a special treat.

The flowers are too tall to be practical to wear all the time so I would want a smaller one for engagement/wedding. Her jewelry or pretty hair sticks and barretts would be good for birthday, christmas, anniversary or anything like that.

If I had to have a stone in my ring I might choose opal. It is not really my style but it is my birthstone which is cool and I like the symbolism of it. The colors of opal do not show unless there is light shining on them and then they dance and sparkle just like a butterfly or hhummingbird In the same way when God's light shines on me I am so much more beautiful than otherwise. Also, I want to be a multi-colored girl like the fire opal which has many colors.

I've got to say before I leave, I had planned a fall post complete with pumpkin pie and sweaters but it is just not coming together. I guess I will have to enjoy it by myself this year. :)

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