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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

My Farvoite Wedding Idea Right Now

Aren't they lovely? It would probably be better for a winter wedding than summer or fall but I think ok for those too.
 To make them you take a square piece of paper, fold it corner to corner and then fold it again. Then you cut it like the picture.
 Opened up it should look like this.
After that you fold each corner around with every other one going backwards and tape them to the corresponding opposite corner.
Make six papers like this and then staple them together to make a snowflake. Yes we did get the idea from Arby's.
We used bigger paper than I showed in the tutorial. I tried to show about how big in this picture. I think they would make a very nice (and comparatively cheap) wedding decoration. With nine children in this family, hopefully one of us will get married and I might get to use them. :)

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