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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

One of my biggest favorites

The other day I did nothing but science. Over the past year I had decided that I want to be a midwife and lactation consultant. One of my faults is second guessing myself too much. There are so many things I could be or do. Is this the right one? Is there a "right one"? I have not been as diligent working towards it as I probably should be but the past few weeks I have had several full days of Biology. By the end of this last day I was feeling like I was being bombarded with information. So many new words and concepts that I really only see two or three times each and then am expected to remember. Needless to say I was feeling pretty unsure of myself.
BUT, that evening I got to visit my newborn cousin for the first time and I was reminded why I chose midwifery and lactation. Because babies are so special. Because new life is amazing. Because God loves them so much and I can easily see why. Yes, I have found my calling. I can work hard for this.
This little one got her beautiful big eyes from her mommy.

The two good pictures by my sister-photographer Ann.

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