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Monday, December 8, 2014

My favorite day of the week

Monday is my Saturday. Most weeks I work from Wednesday to Sunday and then on Monday when everyone else is getting back into gear, I relax. This is the day to set base camp in order or work on a project or read a book. I also get to be with my family who I miss when I am gone. I love to help with their school. I must admit, my occasional Saturday is much better because then everyone else is in slow/work-around-the-house mode too and Papa is home which likely means we will all be doing a project together.

The other day I asked Laura if I could retire from farming earlier than the start of my trips. It was a hard decision because I had wanted a cow for so long and I am the one who talked Papa into it. I love going to the barn and enjoyed it more than a year but for about a month now when milking time came I hated to leave. I think it is because I only have so much time at home and that took 3 hours out of my day. Anyway, milk cow Mocha now belongs to Laura. I think she will be great at farming.

The second piece of breaking news is that last night I put on Katie's flip-flops and they fit! My sisters are growing.

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