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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Like Rebekah

You can tell that we are not experienced farmers because we did not plan for winter very well and so got stuck halling buckets of water for the cows.
 If you don't know the story of Rebekah watering the camels you can look it up in Genesis 24. She drew water for all 10 of Abraham's servant's camels. Do you know how much water a camel can drink?
 Camels can drink about 30 gal of water at a time. That's 300 gal. That is 60-five gallon buckets. 
our milk cow, Mocha, due to freshen next month
30 trips form the well to the trough and back. 80 lbs of water each time. 
shoveling out as much ice as we can
 Add to that the words "hastened" and "ran" and you have quite a girl. No wonder 
Abraham's servant thought she would make a good wife.
Between Laura and I we only carry 6 buckets a day at the most.
Old Red is one of Granddad's Herefords that he is probably going to take to the sale. She's the only cow down there right now besides Mocha and the calf.
Our barn Kitty that Zach named Summer

 getting grain

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  1. Hauling water ain't much fun. When things get froze up I have to carry it from the milk house to the back of the heifer barn. Luckily things haven't froze since my foot got hurt. Still its not terrible bad. The barns are connected and the most snow I have to wade is about ankle deep where it blew in a door that is stuck open. Lol. I remember the winter I had to go thru chest deep drifts carrying water from moms house down to the barn and I am thankful.